We create content for Facebook that will engage existing fans and attract new fans. We start by reviewing the existing business page or creating a business page if necessary. We work with our clients to decide on content that makes sense for the company, plus entertains or informs existing customers and potential customers. We then create a monthly schedule for daily postings, and post content each day on Facebook.


We create ideas and content for Twitter, deciding whether to mirror what is posted on Facebook or tell a different story entirely. We set up a Twitter account for the business if necessary. We create a schedule for daily tweets, and then tweet each day for our clients. We also work with our clients to determine who to follow on Twitter, which will result in other companies or individuals following our clients.


We help our clients understand the best way to use LinkedIn as a networking tool and train them on using LinkedIn. We review the existing business page if there is one or create a page if there isn’t. We generate LinkedIn discussions twice per month.